Every day we put in the work…


We practice…

We develop our skills. We listen and follow our coach’s instruction. We make it our mission to spend the majority of our time with the ball on our feet.

work hard

We endure…

Our training can be hard. We may feel the burn in our muscles. It’s painful to run, run, and run some more. But we don’t give up. We know that with hard work we build endurance.

With endurance we play longer, harder and better!

We sacrifice…

Sometimes, instead of going to parties, we choose to go training. When others are on vacation, we work. We accept the responsibilities of hard work. We sacrifice other recreational activities that does not contribute to our success towards our dream…

IMG_1219We work hard…

All that because we have a dream!

Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever spent every waking, sleeping and day dreaming moment seeing yourself living in your dream? Have you ever experienced your heart racing and beating so hard because you knew you were so close to accomplishing your dream?

That’s right, we can accomplish our dreams. We believe that it’s possible. We are getting closer to reaching the stars. All we need is a little help from you!

How to donate using your credit card?

Who are we?

We play for the Gwinnett Soccer Association (GSA). We are the GSA Phoenix 97 RED U16 Boys soccer team. We are the team representing Georgia at Regionals. We are number one in the nation and we are the team that is going to National. We are the team that has gone through the fire and survived!! We are the RED team!

What is our dream?IMG_1218

Everyone grows up dreaming they would become something amazing. You may have had your dreams back in the day… may be you saw yourself becoming a lawyer, a surgeon, or even an astronaut.  We dream of becoming professional soccer players. Our dream comes from our passion; the felling of blood rushing through the vain was we run for the ball; the honor of playing against competitive teams; the thrill of winning games and advancing to higher placements; and most of all, the fulfillment we get when we hear you scream for joy, clap as you show your pride… we love providing this entertainment to you and your loved ones. We were born to play professional ball and we are very close to making it to the next level.

What are we currently doing to accomplish our dream?

Did you come to our last game? if not, you should definitely come see us. We have improved our skills and our game. In most of our game you will notice that we play with determination. We dominate the game. Our opponent usually can’t tell what hit them until it’s too late. We succeed in almost all of our strategic moves. You will love watching us play.

IMG_1231Our success doesn’t come easy. We have the best coach in the world. Coach Bruno Kalonji is a tough coach. He pushes us past our limits. He motivate us to want more for ourselves. He trains us mentally to learn to control our inner emotional player while focusing on our strategic mind. He makes us better! We work hard and we take our dream seriously.

We also have a lot of support from our parents, who sacrifice everything they have to provide what we need to pursue our dreams.

In addition to our coach and parent’s supports, we have taken the initiative to raise money. We wash cars, we sale items… we work hard by going door to door to raise the funds needed to help us on our way.

What do we need to make it to the finish line?

We need your support as well. Someone told us that it takes a village to raise a kid. You are part of our village and we need you.

You can help us raise the funds we need to pursue our dream.

How to donate using your credit card?

How will this funds help us?IMG_1264

In order to further develop our skills, gain experience and show off our talent, we need to go places. Though soccer is growing in popularity here in the United State, the majority of vacancies and prominent careers are located outside of the US.

FIFA and other soccer associations and academies have developed programs where kids like us can start pursuing their professional careers while receiving an adequate education. Some academies provide full scholarships to develop talented soccer players.

The funds you help us raise, will go towards the interviewing process. We need to go to those countries where we know there are career opportunities for us.

As you know, with all interview process, it takes time, few trials, perseverance and determination to land a job. This means multiple trips, networking, and forging relationships with coaches, scoutsetc.

You have seen how hard we are already working. We are serious and determined to make our dream come true, and we are asking that you contribute to our effort.


Here is your chance to live vicariously through us. Give yourself permission to dream again with and for us.  This is your time to shine and do something that will make a lasting impression in our lives. You can make our dream come true. With your donation, you can contribute towards our plane tickets or living abroad expenses.

Any amount you give us is forever appreciated.  Whatever you give us is also tax deductible.

And you know what will help us even more? We need you to share this page with your family members, friends, co-workers, or just post it on different social media to help spread the word about our cause. Whether you were able to donate or not, we are grateful for any help you can give us. Share this page and you can still contribute to our journey.

How to donate using your credit card?

If you have any questions about the team, contact our team manager Michael Samnik @ 770-351-7135

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